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- September 8th and 9th 2018: Performing a new piece of mine "Euro Your Life" at Triskelion Arts at 7pm

- September 12th 2018: Doing stand-up at Tight 5 at Howl Gallery

- October 13th and 14th 2018: Performing "Euro Your Life" at Triskelion Arts at 7pm


- August 15th 2018: Performed in Cortney Cooke's work at Jack Hanley Gallery

- August 8th 2018: Performed in Cortney Cooke's work at Essex Flowers

- July 9th 2018: Performed in RUN! by Susana Cook at Dixon Place

- April 7th and 8th 2018: Performing with Susana Cook at JACK

- March 16th 2018: New iteration of the Allie Pinel Project at Vital Joint

- January 25-February 4th 2018: Assisting Susana Cook in Paris, France, at her performance at Faits d'Hiver Festival

- January 13th 2018: Helping luciana achugar with the production of her piece at the Chocolate Factory during APAP


- December 7th: Presented a new iteration of the Allie Pinel Project at Vital Joint

- October 13th: Performed in Susana Cook's play Run! at BAAD!'s Blacktinx performance series

- October 7th: Performed in Susana Cook's play Run! at Dixon Place

- August 31st: Performed in Lydia Mokdessi's work at Vital Joint

- July 29th: Part of Elind Dance and Emie Hughes' 48 hour dance film project for the 48 hour Brooklyn Film Festival

- July 13th: Performance in Lily McQueen's music video, "Electric Love"

- July 6th: Entre Nous/Last One For The Road at HOT! Queer NY Festival

- February 11th: choreographing music video for the Fader

- February 26th: showing new work Entre Nous/Last One For The Road at Babycastles

- March 26th: performing the Mixtape at Silent Barn for Lindsey Weaving


- December 16th 2016: Back-up choreography and dancing for Sofar Sounds

- July 20th 2016: Performance with girl band Maude at Baby's Alright

- May 24th and May 26th 2016: Performed in Kim Brandt's work at Pioneer Works

- April 26-30th: Produced Ghost Rings for Half Straddle at New York Live Arts


- February 21st: Showing Nocturne at Upstart Festival at Brooklyn Arts Exchange

- December 2015: Choreographed shoot for Carine Roitfeld is in Harper's Bazaar magazine's December 2015 issue!


- December 2015: Moon Duo music video is coming out which I helped produce! 

- September 2nd: Premiere of Nocturne at Dixon Place


- July 20th-25th: In residency at James Madison Unversity and presenting Nocturne as part of the Gay Pride on July 25th


- June 20th at 7:00pm: performing in the One Hundreds by Twyla Tharp at River to River Festival by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council



- June 14th: presenting an excerpt of Nocturne at North Side Festival through Triskelion Arts and Williamsburg Walks


- June 13th: performing in a new work by Stormy Budwig at Rabbit Hole Studios


- June 7th: presenting a new piece at Greenspace in Queens


- May 4th-9th: in residency at James Madison University to develop 1,2,3 soleil


- April 29th: performing in Emie Hughes' work at Dixon Place


- April 18th: presenting a new piece at Greenspace in Queens


- March 28-April 6th: Touring as part of Fusebox Festival in Austin, Texas, with luciana achugar



- February 22nd: Premiering a new work at Brooklyn Arts Exchange!!


- February 7 & 8th: performing in Emie Hughe's work, Prune, at five myles gallery in Crown Heights


- January 27th: presenting an excerpt of 1,2,3, soleil, une danse pour nous at Dixon Place at 7:30pm


- January 24th: performing at excerpt of my new work, 1,2,3 soleil, une danse pour nous, at Winter Follies with Spoke the Hub at Gowanus Arts at 7:30pm


- January 16-18th worked with luciana achugar and Kimberly Bartosik as part of American Realness and APAP



November 2014 


- November 2nd: Ran the NYC Marathon


- November 4th: Performed in Stormy Budwig's work at Dixon Place


- November 26th: Will be serving as Stacy Grossfield's production coordinator at Danspace's Food for Thought evening and will be performing in her piece.



August 2014-October 2014


- August 28th-31st Accompanied luciana achugar on tour for The Pleasure Project at Le Mouvement- Performing in the City Festival in Bienne/Biel, Switzerland


- September 16th: Performed at JACK as part of The Pleasure Project with luciana achugar


































April 2013

April 6th at 12:00pm: Performing in a piece by Amy Jacobus at Dance Now Raw Festival at Gibney Dance Center at 12:00pm
April 10th at 8:00pm: Showcasing a new work at Movement Research's Open Performance, at the Space, 138 S. Oxford street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

April 29th: Graduated
from the Dance Education Laboratory Program at the 92nd street Y

Fe​​bruary 2013

February 3rd at 7:00pm: Performing with Movement of the People at University Settlement
February 9th at 8:00pm: Showcasing my new piece at the Aldous Theater at Triskelion Arts

February 16th at 7:30pm: Performing with Movement of the People at Lady of Lourdes School in honor of Black History Month
February 23rd: Dancing in a tentative advertisement for Lays Chips directed by Bicephaly Pictures

​February 27th at 7:00pm: Performing with Movement of the People at CUNY in honor of Black History Month

​​January 2013​

January 18th & 19th at 8:00pm : Performing with Movement of the People at Brooklyn Arts Exchange​​​​​​

​December 2012

​December 7th: Performing in Scout Seide's Graduate Master Thesis at NYU at University Settlement, 184 Eldridge street, at 8:00pm
December 18th: Showcasing dance film "Urban Matter" at Dance New Amsterdam at 7:00pm​

October 2012

​October 5th - 7th: Acting and dancing in The Emperor and the Moon and the Moss Lady Play by Cameron Stuart
October 13 &14th: Dancing in shoot for Prince Rama's new music video
October 21st: Solo Performance at Dance New Amsterdam for DNA Dance Day

September 2012

  • ​September 29th at 12:40pm: Performance with Movement of the People Dance Company at the Dumbo Dance Festival

  •  September 22nd at 4pm: First staged group work in NY for Bushwick Fashion Weekend.


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